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Welcome to my Travel Blog in which I write about my experiences during a solo motorbike trip around Africa. You can track my journey on the map above which shows my progress and provides clickable links to my posts.

My name is Tomek Janus. Professionally I’m a chemical process engineer and a scientist, deep in heart I’m a biker, climber and a traveller. When on the road I am exposed to the surrounding environment, nature and new acquaintances with local people and other travellers. Every day brings something different, new experiences, new challenges. It is this feeling of unexpectedness, a sense of adventure and freedom that I find addictive. Travelling also helps me understand the world, challenge my world view, re-examine my ideas and opinions either on my own or in conversations with new people whom I meet along the way. I get to know other cultures, other ways of life and different societal norms what gives me a perspective to look back at how I live my life, question the norms of our society and understand it a bit better.

Travelling also allows me to take my mind off all those mundane things we do and think about at home, about our day jobs, utility bills, vehicle insurances, deadlines, fees, rents… this list could easily go on for a while. Our lives are too focussed on our daily matters. We live too fast, hurry up too much and by doing so we miss all these little but beautiful things in life which we used to notice when we were kids, like… birds waking up at sunrise, morning breeze, the smell of grass after the rain, even the smell of dog poo on the sole of our sneakers.

So when I travel I slow down my life a bit and allow my mind to take a break. I have more time to look around because the set of my daily worries is restricted to just five things: water, food, petrol, toilet paper and finding a nice sheltered spot to pitch my tent on. Well perhaps not in that order. Toilet paper always gets the highest priority. I can use the rest of time and put my cognition to whatever other task I find interesting, let it be meditation, reading a book, talking to newly acquainted people, learning a new language, taking photos or writing this blog. I am also a petrol-head at heart and I love to ride a motorbike, especially off-road. The shear amount of land for off-roading and the amount and variety of off-road trails was one of many factors which lured me into going on a trip around Africa.

I would like to document this journey in a blog so that other travellers after me who decide to go on a similar trip will have a knowledge base to help them with planning their own adventures. This blog will also be a platform for sharing my experiences with my friends and family with whom I will have a rather limited contact otherwise. I also hope that I will be able to collect some donations for Doctors Without Borders UK along the process. If you think the cause is worth the money, please do so.

If you would like to obtain some information about my trip or if you have any other question you can always contact me by filling the contact form below.


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